Vision :

Jyotirmoy Schools, the best knowledge hub in Kolkata, is striving towards developing a cluster of educational institutions of GLOBAL STANDARDS which will foster learning spirit, innovation and professional excellence among its students.

We have a vision to benchmark our education standards on global parameters. We aim to make world-class Education accessible to every student, be it through the education imparted in our School, the pedagogy in our law courses, the exposure and polishing in our B.Ed courses or be it the refining in our ITI courses.

Mission :

Our mission is to emerge as one of the best comprehensive knowledge centres committed to transforming young students into globally employable professionals and good human beings by providing quality academic qualification and imbibing them with proper human values and ethics.

Our aim is to become an institutional hub of global standards, we are on our mission of providing very elaborate knowledge and research oriented programs. We provide not just theory based knowledge but also ensure to add the much needed industry academia interaction coupled with our strong value based education so that we can carve brilliant citizens out of our students.

Values :

The culture of an institution is a shared system of values, beliefs, and attitudes that shapes and influences their behaviour. We, at Jyotirmoy Schools, the knowledge centre in Kolkata, West Bengal, define our culture and values by Eight Core Operating Principles that guide us through our planning. They guide us about how things should be done.

  1.  Focus on Students : Our primary mission is not only to educate students in their chosen disciplines, but also to inspire them to become innovators, leaders, and positive contributors to society.
  2.  Respect : Respect helps us to understand the gifts and unique contributions of every person in the institution community and to value diverse perspectives. We recognize the expertise of all members and encourage individual contribution.
  3.  Excellence : Excellence drives us to challenge ourselves to utilize our natural gifts – intellectual, social, physical, spiritual and ethical – that we continuously strive to develop while pursuing higher standards.
  4.  Commitment : We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the communities we serve.
  5.  Accountability : We assume and demonstrate responsibility for our actions.
  6.  Diversity : We believe that our similarities and differences are opportunities for establishing a common bond in strengthening the organization. Diversity builds a community that fosters a climate that is open and welcomes ideas and perspective of diverse people that promotes a constructive discourse on the nature of diversity; and that engages faculty, staff and students in activities which promote the organization’s core values.
  7.  Integrity & Transparency : Integrity gives us the ability to realize the greater good in our actions and programmes and challenges us to look at our work and ourselves holistically and as one united with others across the globe. We also practice total transparency and openness in our functioning, our activities and our policies.
  8.  Learning for Life : It encourages us to pursue knowledge and truth throughout our lives in ways that improve our communities and ourselves, and that which strengthens our understanding of each other.