Year Of Establishment : 2004

 Courses Offered: PRE NURSERY TO XII

 Affiliated To: C.B.S.E

 Recognized By : W.B.S.E.D

In 2008 the Jyotirmoy Education and Welfare Foundation was established by Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli aimed at bringing quality higher education to the South 24 Parganas, particularly in the Sonarpur region south of Kolkata. As part of its strivings, the foundation runs a CBSE-affiliated Senior Secondary School up to class XII. This school is famously known as Jyotirmoy Public School, an English-medium education initiative in the suburbs of Kolkata. Much hope is placed on the students who, when they grow up, are expected to strengthen the base of our society with their skills, understanding and outlook.

The School’s mission is:
  •  To promote all-round development of students.
  •  To inculcate a sense of discipline, duty, devotion, dignity and determination.
  •  To foster values of life and have pride in our cultural heritage.
unique features of the School are:
  •  Our school is located far from the urban chaos of Kolkata. The physical ambience of the school is a reflection of the expansive horizon on which it allows its students to let their imaginations fly.
  •  Teachers are handpicked through an extensive and selective process.
  •  Our school leads the learners in building capacities and leadership and also enables them to nurture their talents.
  •  The school not only aims at academic excellence but also strives to bring about holistic development of students.
  •  Weekly academic plans for all classes help reduce the burden of study baggage
  •  Weekly boarding facilities are available for classes VI to X.
  •  Workshops are conducted at the school to teach students about various life skills. Moral education is imparted through various activities and social interactions.

School Vision

The Pupils of Jyotirmoy Public School, through their attainments and lifestyle, would grow into solitary examples for bringing in much needed social transformation to rebuild a strong and healthy society.

School Mission

  •  To Promote All round development of students
  •  To Inculcate a sense of Discipline, Duty, Devotion, Dignity, Determination
  •  To Foster Values and Pride in our cultural heritage

A mission to cause the upliftment by providing quality education has been the spirit behind the formation of Jyotirmoy Education and Welfare Foundation. The foundation believes that even paltry resources combined with the collective effort can yield massive benefits. Blessed with this spirit we are dedicated to the goal of developing the leaders of tomorrow who shall have the ability to adapt to an intellectually challenging environment, through the participative efforts of the teachers and the taught, management and parents.

JPS (The Asian School for Excellence) was started in 2004 with the aim to impart education with particular emphasis on all round development of each child. This would enable them with the skills and the attitude required to pursue their dreams in their chosen fields.

With this intention in mind JPS (The Asian School for Excellence) follows the CBSE curriculum and the medium of instruction is in English. Our teachers are selected after careful screening and are in a position to achieve this goal.

School Aim

JPS aims is to provide an environment for whole school community which strives to be:

  •  Positive and value based
  •  Securing and caring
  •  Stress free and Hygienic
  •  Inspiring, Motivating and challenging

And which develop:

  •  A happy, healthy, worthy citizen
  •  A respectful individual of the society
  •  A confident and independent lifelong learner

I extend my warm greetings and good wishes to Jyotirmoy Public School, Board of Governors, Staff, Parents and Students , in acting as a team towards making our institution one of the leading institute in the country. We want that the education imparted by our institution must help our children to develop an overall personality and to possess a good character, strong mind and an expanded intellect by which they can stand on their own feet. In order to achieve our aim and mission, we have enriched our school curriculum with practical approach of learning by doing. We also believe that visual impact is very important for learning. That is why we had started smart classes in our Institution. We have included all possible types of co-curricular activities throughout the session so that children can develop physical, emotional, social, spiritual, creative, aesthetic and intellectual skills in their personality. We believe that education without practical approach, without overall personality development aspects and without moral values is meaningless. The philosophy that inspires us is to arouse in the child the wonder of existence, desire for discovery and the will power to come out a winner. We believe that hard work has no other substitute; there is no royal road to learning. We all are as one team doing hard work and trying to achieve best in what we do for making our children the best citizens of our country and making them broad minded with universal thoughts, which can help them to serve all the human beings of this universe. We believe that Almighty will surely help us to achieve this noble mission.

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