Jyotirmoy Schools believe in providing the best school and college experience to the students. With state of the art facilities and upgraded infrastructure, Jyotirmoy Schools is on its way to becoming one of the best Knowledge Campuses in the country matching international standards. The classrooms are technologically upgraded and facilitate teaching through advanced tools and techniques. The Knowledge Park has classrooms with projectors, tutorial rooms, resourceful libraries, seminar rooms and multiple fully equipped auditoriums. The campus is fully Wi-fi enabled.

The Knowledge Park’s libraries are an empowering unit as a Resource Centre providing audio-visual aids to the students. The campus is enriched with renovated hostels, medical support systems (Ispat Co-operative Hospital), proper canteen facility where healthy and nutritious food is available. Being far from the hustle and bustle of the city life, the campus provides an eco-friendly environment to its students and has also taken active steps towards latest initiatives like making the campus plastic free and other green initiatives. The Knowledge Park has taken extensive measures to address the need for vigilance and security. The campus is CCTV-enabled to cater to the safety requirements of the students and staff.

Academic Facilities

Jyotirmoy Schools provide a magnificent and comprehensive range of facilities within the campus for its students. The classrooms at the Knowledge Park are contemporary, equipped with LCD Projectors and computers. Jyotirmoy Schools organises National & International level Conferences and Seminars on various themes and disciplines as well as student exchange programmes to promote industry interaction for its students.

The auditoriums are up to date with state-of-the-art multimedia systems which can be used for presentations, seminars, fests and other academic events. The libraries are all well equipped with a vast number of books, journals, magazines and newspapers for students. The development of infrastructure and technical facilities has been a continuous process at Jyotirmoy Schools. The laboratories provide practical exposure of different subjects and give an opportunity to the students to experiment what they have learnt in classes.

Campus Facilities

Jyotirmoy School’s campus hosts a wide variety of exceptional facilities to create an environment where the students can shape their future. We have various spaces for conferences and meetings, special events, receptions, and athletic competitions. We give utmost importance to our facilities and learning resources and continuously ensure that our students have full access to everything they need to help them succeed in their field of study.

Sports facilities

Our sports centres provide fantastic opportunities to students at every level of fitness. Students can engage in various sports activities under the guidance of certified trainers. They can choose from sports activities like cricket, football, kabaddi, table tennis, karate, skating, etc.

Transportation Facilities

Jyotirmoy Schools offer transport facility to its students and faculty members on very nominal charges. The buses ply on different routes of Kolkata to pick and drop the students. Our Bus drivers are licensed by the concerned authorities to ensure the full safety of both the students & staff members. The students are spared from the difficulty of commuting to the Campus by public transport. The transport facility also inculcates an element of punctuality among the students.

Residential Facilities

We provide accommodation to students on a first-come-first-served basis. The campus extends an environment full of opportunities for personal growth. There are separate Hostels for boys and girls that offer excellent lodging and boarding facilities to cater to the needs of the students. Every hostel is supervised by a warden who ensures that utmost care is taken to provide the best amenities to the students.

A wide range of options for activities in different aspects such as cultural, athletic and social are available to students. In addition to the various campus hubs of interaction, the common room in the hostel is popular for everyday get-togethers.

  1. Advantages of Residential studying :

    1. Return to Nature-

      In a lush green 22 acres campus, the students can always experience deep serenity in the midst of Mother Nature. Doubtlessly, the competitive urban set-up leads to increased stress level which can be eliminated by dwelling in a relatively stress-free idyllic setting.
    2. Good peer company-

      A person is known by the company he keeps. Each of our institution ensures that the students can reap the benefits of good company.
    3. No diversion from focused learning-

      Nestled in the midst of Nature far away from the madding crowd, the students can easily emphasize on Focused learning.
    4. Regular indulgence in extra-curricular activities-

      It is rightly said, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” We ensure that each and every student gets regular break from their routine life and get involved in extra-curricular activity in order to ensure all-round personality development.
    5. Healthy food habits-

      Often, at home, students have tantrums regarding the food they are given. They do not eat vegetables and have all sorts of junk food. When they are residing at the campus, it is made sure that everyone eats healthy food regularly thus promoting healthy food habits among students.
    6. Development of independent nature-

      As the student is living in the hostel, he/she gets acquainted with the real life problems that we face every day while living life. This makes the student more independent and prepares them to face the life that lies ahead of them.
    7. Healthy peer competition-

      Every attempt is made to foster healthy competition among peers which gives each student the opportunity to showcase his/her unique talent.
    8. Responsible residential coordinator-

      A responsible residential coordinator is present with the students to assist them through every hardship. The student can get in touch with the person whenever in need and will get the required help. The residential coordinator also makes sure that proper discipline is maintained in the hostel and campus, thus ensuring the entire safety of the students.